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Hung Thang Law Firm

HungThang lawfirm is the crystallization of the lawyers, senior experts in the field of legal advice, such as: the judges of the people’ Supreme court, the Prosecutor’s ò the people’s supreme Procuracy highly exprerienced in the fields of economics, civil law, criminal law, investment, banking,litigation….and the Doctors, Masters, lawyers, experperts,lawyers have many years of practical counseling.

 To the present time, the Hung thang lawfirm has proven reputation and his ability with the large team of lawyers and legal experts specializing in providing consulting services and ligal proceedings for clients domestically and internationally.

In all fields of its activities, we not only get the trust and confidence of customers for the results achieved, but also be appreciated by those solutions as well as the orientation to solve, through the maximum saving time and costs for customers.

Oriented handling affairs of the HungThang lawfirm is fully assess the legal risks and provide solutions for all requirements of the customer in accordance with the law and practical application of the law of Vietnam.

With the motto “keep believe in” HungThang Law firm has always fought his best to protect the reputuation, honor and fairness for customers and company


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Legal safety
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